“We’re not doing anything different… We’re just doing it BETTER!

It is the mission statement of TMT to provide an active and safe environment that promotes and enhances the physical and emotional wellbeing and social development of young athletes as well as progressing the Sport of MMA.
Help develop individual athletic skills, work ethic, discipline, sportsmanship, self-respect and pride as well as providing entertainment to the community. In seeking to fulfil our mission, TMT strives to help the talented up-n-coming fighters establish a firm base and pursue their dreams of becoming professional MMA athletes.

Based in Staines (Middlesex) Too Much Talent was founded in 2010, by Bradley Burnell & James Lutman.
Bradley has been actively involved in the Mixed Martial Arts industry since 2006 helping found ‘Team Mayhem MMA’ which currently houses two former British champions on its roster. Since Early 2014 ‘Team Mayhem MMA’ Has joined forces with Dean Amasinger ‘TUF Season 9 Veteran’ to form part of a new Fight Team – NFM. James has trained in Judo from a very early age, earning his black belt and proceeding to represent the Britain on a domestic, international and even Olympic level.

TMT started with local promoters to help manage their events which opened the doors to organising local inter clubs / grappling tournaments. In late 2011, TMT found a gap within the local community to establish an event where previous promoters had failed.

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Mission Statment

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It was the aim of Lutman & Burnell to provide an event around the fighters. A tag line utalised during the early days of TMT was “A Fight Show by Fighters… For Fighters” – this was later replaced with “We’re not doing anything different… We’re just doing it better!” an ethos that is the driving force behind Too Much Talent MMA. With each step TMT is growing, gain recognition for promoting the sport in the correct manner.